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Dr. Agnes Thomas is a Pet Psychic and Animal Communicator      

Our natural love of animals creates respect and a desire to know our animal companions on a deeper level.  Through telepathic communication, we can listen to what our animal friends are saying, appreciate the way they view humans and the world, their purposes, sense of humor and spiritual insights.  Explore and celebrate your relationship with animal companions; listen to what they can teach us about love, life, and being human.

















 Find Out What Your Pets Are Thinking


          A pet psychic, aka animal communicator, can telepathically talk with your pets whether they are living or in spirit form.  They will give you vital information for their and happiness and wellness.       

          Telepathy is communication of thought from one being to another through extrasensory perception.

          What is being communicated is an impression of the total experience of the being, which is a composite of all it sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels at any moment in time.

          The telepath receives the message, decodes it, and translates it into language so it can be related to the person doing the inquiry. It is not language, itself.

          The telepath must first make a verbal connection with the person (usually over the telephone), and then traces the heart connection from the person to the animal with whom they want to communicate.

          Once a connection has been made, it is like a 3-way call with the telepath acting as a telephone line between the two.

          The person can then speak directly to the animal, and the telepath translates the animals answers to the person.


About Agnes


          Agnes Thomas is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Brecksville, Ohio.  She obtained her Ph.D. in physiological psychology from Case Western Reserve University and worked as a counselor for mentally handicapped and brain damaged children and adults.  She has 25 years experience in non-invasive work with animals researching the development of the respiratory control system, learning and memory.  She is recognized nationally for her work in developmental brain research and the development of respiratory control.  Agnes has been communicating with animals since 1992 and has studied interspecies telepathic communication. She is a well known veterinary intuitive, published author on the the animal mind, and a sought-after speaker on animal mysticism.


Pet Afterlife and Reincarnation
Want your pet back?  Animals are part of our soul group. They are with us in every lifetime in one form or another.  When a beloved pet dies, an Angel will accompany it to the afterlife. There the animal rests and is re-energized with life energy to prepare for another life of its choice.  Dr. Thomas can communicate with animals in spirit form and has assisted over 2,500 animals in the afterlife to reincarnate and return to their homes and families.  Animals go from life to life as easily as humans breathe, and they remember their past lives.  The animal's soul returns to us from the afterlife in a new body. It is a precious gift from God to have your pet returned to you.   It is a joyous reunion between the pet and their human companion.



Miss Wings Story


        I was invited by Mary Ellen Angelscribe and Maureen McCullough to be a guest on Angel Wings radio show on WSAI in Cincinnati.  A few months later, Mary Ellen phoned and asked about her cat, Camalot, who is in the spirit world.  Camalot was happy and anxious to communicate.

          Tell mommy I am fine.  I have been re-charged with life energy and I want to come back as a kitten and live with her some more.

          Camalot showed me an image of the body he would be incarnated into: a Silver Shaded Persian, female.  He said he would be born sometime in December, and would be ready to come home in late January or February.

          Mary Ellen was concerned about the cost of the Silver Shaded Persian, because of recent medical bills.  I asked Camalot about this.  Don't worry, mommy, I have been assigned to you and nothing can stop that once it is predestined.  You don't need money, only faith that I will be yours.   I assured Mary Ellen that Camalot was right.  Once an animal is appointed to you, nothing can touch them or stand in their way.

          Mary Ellen started combing the local shelters and newspapers and finally, the internet for the kitten.  She came upon Linda LeColst, a breeder of Shaded Silver Persians in Boston.  A few weeks later, Linda took two of her other kittens to be photographed.  One of the kittens had an injured tail.  One of photographers the props available was a pair of angel wings.   She put the wings on that kitten and thought, Hmmm, I wonder if the injured kitten belongs to Mary Ellen. 

          Linda was concerned about giving the injured kitten a good home, so near the end of December, Linda wrote to Mary Ellen about giving the kitten to her as a special gift.  Linda doesn't ship her kittens.  The new owner/person has to come and pick it up.

          That's when the miracle took place, and many people from the airlines and other places came forward and offered to escort the kitten from Boston to Oregon.  All went well, and a woman named Vivian Rozan of Maryland  escorted the kitten.  When the kitten, Miss Wings, arrived, Mary Ellen called me for another consultation.

          Miss Wings said, I told you, mommy, you didn't need money, only faith to bring us together.  All the time I was in the airplane a lady angel with long white hair was with me to keep me from being scared.  When the lady Vivian gave me to you, the angel said good-bye and left.  I asked Miss Wings what her mission in this life was.  My mission is to teach that miracles happen.  Miss Wings sent me an image of the angel.  She looked like a pure white apparition, with long, flowing white hair that covered her shoulders and part of her wings as well.

          There were three angels in that airplane that day, Miss Wings, the angel from Heaven, and Vivian. 

          During times like these, the Universe will send little miracles like the Miss Wings story to remind us not to give up hope, and that the Creator of All has the power to create miracles in an instant, if we let it.



$35.00 for 20 minutes
$50.00 for 30 minutes

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Note:  Dr. Thomas is not a licensed veterinarian and cannot prescribe any type of  medication.  The recommendations she provides are based upon her 25 years experience working with animals. The client or consumer of the advice/recommendations and communications received is responsible for contacting his/her own veterinarian for any medical procedures or advice.

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Dr. Agnes Thomas